Our Story

Life goes on, just in different shapes…

Dasta was born from a passion for art within our family, in Kashan, central Iran; known for its poetry, magic rosewater and wonderful wool woven rugs.

The inspiration for our brand came from the magnificent designs and vivid colors of Persian rugs that are uniquely crafted in Kashan. In 2013, our first handbag was designed and fabricated using an incredible and sustainable material: “natural wool”.

At the jump-off of our journey, each crafted bag had a different shape, color and uniqueness. Every single item was one of a kind and impossible to replicate.

So, we travelled throughout the country searching for the right technique to craft our bags. Finally, we found the master of felting in Isfahan - known as the cradle of art – and we learned felting techniques.

We combined these techniques with needlework inspired by the alluring flowers in the stunning nature surrounding our hometown Kashan to then handcraft our extraordinary bags.

From there on we continued to grow Dasta as our family business and committed ourselves to making the best quality hand crafted accessories all the while minimizing our environmental footprint by using 100% natural and sustainable materials.